The Power Of Inertia

Inertia – a tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged. Inertia is powerful and overwhelming. It is a state that will continue unless something is done to change it, and doing something is massively difficult, because inertia is powerful. Staying in a relationship that has foundered. Listening to music that is forced on you rather than seeking out what you like. Following like sheep. Doing as you are told. Accepting being bullied (whatever gender or disposition). Accepting things as they are, even if you know they are bad. Not taking steps to change your bad habits, even though you want to – be that smoking, eating too much, drinking too much. Seeing your weight relentlessly rise, and being somehow unable to do something about it. You are seen as a bad person, an incomplete person, because it seems to others that you are not taking action, but they do not understand the power of inertia. Inertia is everywhere, throughout the universe, and maybe in multiple universes.

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